This spider web that catches us from the entrance.

It is a strange sensation to enter the Sagrada Familia. Even if it is necessary to dodge the horde of tourists who take themselves in a selfie… A mysterious, almost mystical atmosphere, a disorientation, anxiety which makes hesitate our spirit. Very small, as caught by a huge spider with long tentacles. And we take off to join Christ floating in the middle of the room.

First caught by the cold white light spots, then travel in the nodes, eyeballs, tadpoles and embryos. Never at rest, while the journey continues in hollow caverns on a surface to become. The color resurfaces caves… King blue, green alongside beautiful orange trees. And if it was a wink to these fruit trees of our childhood? In the yellow of the sun lands. This is how our mind travels.

The imagination is unique to the people of the North. The image is unique to the Mediterranean. Oreste knows where he is going, while Hamlet wanders among doubts (Gaudi).

A phantasmagorical atmosphere, another space-time is that of Gaudi. This son of a boilermaker, a tireless worker, devoted the last years of his life to the “Cathedral of the Poor” for which he went so far as to ask alms. His mysticism pierces through these works. It’s a free spirit caught by a tram. And the Spanish land lost a big part of its history…