IT Manager,

How would you feel if your applications were much more impacting?

Product Owner

5 years of experience.

SCRUM, KANBAN... Accelerate your projects with the Agility methods.

As a Product Owner, I help IT managers to become "Agile players".

UX/UI Designer

1 year of experience.

Induce, inspire, adhere your users.

I improve their experience, optimize their stories, design tailored interfaces.

Digital Project Manager

3 years of experience.

Use digital to acquire new markets.

I pilot web and mobile projects and change management to digital uses.

Brand Manager

2 years of experience.

Create a strong and quickly identifiable brand image.

I bring out your signature, protect your domain names and your intellectual property.

ERP Analyst

9 years of experience.

Optimize your ERP and accelerate your productivity.

From functional analysis to change management, I make operational all the modules of your Finances ERP.

Your projects are not moving as fast as you would like? If you test agile methods, your team will be 60% faster to respond to the change1. Have you ever heard "I can not find what I'm looking for, it does not look like"? With UX / UI, increase the conversion rate of your users to 83% 2. I help you from the beginning to the end of your projects. As a Product Owner, a Designer UX/UI or a Project Manager. I boost your projects with the Agility methods, give you the COMM' key, make your users adhere, optimize your Finance IS.


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1 Source : Unow Study (2016).
2 Source : Nielsen Norman Group study on the ROI of UX (2008).