Since Société Générale’s call to Anne Demians for the construction of « the Dunes », the digital movement of the bank is only accelerating. And the more than 6,000 participants at Tech Week testify to this.

Stands, workshops, conferences… abounded in the Valley. We imagined the workplace of tomorrow, and the robots invaded the Dunes. We slipped into the shoes of a security analyst, thanks to mixed reality. We even piloted a drone by thought… But what laughs with André Comte-Sponville and his lecture “In the era of Artificial Intelligence, what becomes of work, happiness and ethics?”.

In this ultra-technological environment, I had the chance to accompany the Historical Archives department in the organization and the holding of the Museum stand. Attached to the Internal Communications Department, the Archives bring the memory of the group to life. Because the oldest of the French banks in activity is a old lady of 153 years!

The Tech Week Museum stand, a nod to our history.

The road has been long since the founding decree of Napoleon III, in 1864. The beginning of the century is marked by the great flood of the Seine and its collateral damage, the famous hold-up of the band in Bonnot, and of course the contribution from the bank to the national effort during the Great War. The trades are very specialized, from the groom to the employee, to the head of office and to the Director. The recipe boy, the night supervisor, the puncher… The transformation of the bank is not new!

The Museum has allowed many people to immerse themselves in our common past. For some far away, for others recent! “From the pen holder to the tablet”, the journey begins with the column of dispatches. In 1915, she posted official ratings in the lobby of the central agency. Followed by the camel, office intended to work standing up. On him, a great accounting book of 1869. We imagine the clerk behind his calligraphy, so neat. It details with detail each heading, each amount, each expense… The visit continues with calculating machines, counters and log machines. In a showcase, huge floppy disks and tiny USB keys. There are many types of typewriters, accountants and punches, which I have heard so much from my most experienced colleagues.

A museum at Tech Week? Without a doubt, yes! Because technology only makes sense if it fits in the history of men.

What will I remember from this wonderful experience? Especially the surprise of the visitors. The objects spoke to them, as they thought they had disappeared. I will remember their stories, witnessing an attachment that goes beyond the professional. The Museum created a link between all the collaborators and allowed us to better understand the technological path traveled together. When will the next adventure?