[…] Sara Izquierdo de Manuel, this Spanish has been working at Société Générale for 11 years. She realized for this project a work representing a car of the 50s. This passionate of art follows parallel studies of Visual Arts at the Sorbonne, “hence the interest in this project,” she says. 

I like the material, the paint, that I could use here with the spray. Over the course of the workshops, I learned to master the techniques related to the bomb, which I had never used before. I was really impressed by the result!

The one who in parallel updates its website, has discovered a new type of art.

Thanks to this project, I am really interested in Street Art.

This is the idea of this collaborative fresco that intertwines the passion of Societe Generale employees with their professional world, all framed by experts that are Takt and Sueb. […]