I boost your projects with the Agility methods, gives you the COMM' key, make your users adhere, optimize your Finance IS.

Product Owner

7 years of experience

SCRUM, KANBAN... Boost your projects with the Agility methods.
As a Product Owner, I help IT managers to become "Agile players".

UX/UI Designer

1 year of experience

Induce, inspire, adhere your users.
I improve their experience, optimize their stories, design tailored interfaces.

Digital Project Manager

3 years of experience

Use the digital wave to catch new markets.

I lead web and mobile projects and the change management of digital uses.

Brand Manager

2 years of experience

Create a strong and quickly identifiable brand image.
I bring out your signature, protect your domain names and your intellectual property.

ERP Analyst

9 years of experience

Optimize your ERP and accelerate your productivity.
From functional analysis to change management, I make all the modules of your Finance ERP operational.