01. “There will never be a second first impression.”

Graphic design can plunge the user into the abyss, as he can propel him to hell. What is his goal ?

  • To guide: conduct the user in the discovery and manipulation of the interface.
  • To create an emotion, using the graphic choices.
  • To carry an identity and positioning: the brand.

It all starts with the graphic brief. Its goal ? Make explicit the graphic charter, the subjectivity. All the actors of the project are present: project managers, designers, communicators, technicians… By iterations, the graphic brief defines the target and adapts the graphic references accordingly.

Mies van der Rohe, and his famous “Less is more” or “God is in the details”, former director of the Bauhaus School. As in the design of interfaces, the essence of his architecture is clear and reasoned, leaving nothing to chance, combining simple and rigorous forms.

02. The visual hierarchy.

Because we do not read, but we scan. The visual path, the rotating whites, the contrast… are all aspects of interfaces design. Difficult to define, to objectify. And nevertheless, immediately visible, because “the eye sees everything”. A space in excess, pictograms not aligned… We are sometimes attracted by a shape, by a color. What matters? The design is an incredible springboard to increase the attractiveness of an interface. What criteria to consider sublimating interfaces?

03. Typo, colors, pictograms.

So well “The web is 95% typography” (Olivier Reichenstein), combining fonts is a good way to create a hierarchy, making sure to keep a harmony.

  • Do not use more than 3 fonts.
  • Choose fonts having a rich family.
  • For small texts, use screen-designed fonts.

The color is a graphic object in its own right. It is necessary to start from the graphic identity of the brand, selecting its dominant color and creating its palette.

The pictograms need to be used sparingly. Because the references are not the same for all, it is interesting to check what an icon means doing a small survey around you!