Colors and abstraction

“What matters most in color is the relationship.”(Matisse)

This realization seeks to explore key concepts: chromaticism and its pictorial character. Shapes are here, primarily by their color. Issues concern their chromatic relations.

The presence of the register of the representation is not forgotten, recognizable forms stand out from a bottom in boiling. The floor seems to be wooden, rugged. An ax rests there, next to a skull. In pink tones, what seems to be a chair is out of balance, while a figure inspired by Bosch tries to emerge from a greenish frame. On the upper part, the woman who escapes from the fire of Guernica leaves in the opposite direction while there is a window, or a mirror, next to her. His broken glasses dot the entire composition. In the left corner, the pants of a man who bleeds is in the wind, next to other organic forms, dust spots, black stars … The eloquence of the work rises through its color in any its complexity.

Issues addressed: Questioning the color and its reports.

Concepts addressed:

– Chromaticism: confrontation of complementary colors
– The pictorial character: the material, the depth, the shadows in the representation
– Organic shapes vs. geometric shapes
– Abstraction vs figuration

Reference field:

– The abstractions of Willem de Kooning. For its pictorial paste, its organic forms, its diffuse shadows
– The woman escaping from the fire of Guernica, Pablo Picasso

School Third year work in the visual arts, University Paris 1 Panthéon-SorbonneMaterialsPastel boldYear2017

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